Background image: We've teamed up with ITZA to launch climate change learning modules in Scottish schools

We've teamed up with ITZA to launch climate change learning modules in Scottish schools

21 May 2024
Written by: Scottish Building Society

We've teamed up with digital learning specialist, ITZA to launch One Planet - a digital resource on climate change and how to protect the planet.

One Planet is based on David Attenborough’s four actions to change the way we live to reduce global warming and preserve the natural world - Eliminate Waste, Go Net Zero, Revive the Oceans, and Rewild the World. The online programme will be delivered into Scottish schools in 2024 to help teachers facilitate independent learning on building a sustainable economy. 

Scottish Building Society is proud to be ITZA's first commercial partner for the One Planet learning programme, supporting the production of key digital learning modules on purposeful investment and financial literacy to help teenagers learn about the opportunities in a sustainable economy.  


ITZA CEO and founder Anthony Bouchier said: “As we grow our base in Scotland, we’re proud to be launching One Planet in Scottish schools across the country.  We have already tested elements of the resources in around one hundred different countries, and next year will see us scale One Planet to English-speaking schools around the world.  We are thankful for the incredible support from Scottish Building Society, and in the Villars Institute we have an International partner who is at the cutting edge of young people driving debate and systematic change.” 


Paul Denton, Chief Executive, Scottish Building Society said: “Scottish Building Society is passionate about teaching children the important role financial understanding and financial planning will have throughout their lives. 

More than 70% of teenagers see the move to net zero as the defining issue of the time.  We want to help give a clear view on the challenges we face and build the skills our young people need to thrive in a net-zero economy."


As part of the One Planet programme, two young Scots will be selected to attend the Villars Institute’s annual Villars Symposium in Switzerland in June, where young leaders and ecopreneurs from across the world will address how to accelerate the transition to net zero and a nature positive economy. 

ITZA’s web platform empowers young people to learn independently using curated content and personalised analytics. As a mutual building society we're committed to helping people to help others, this initiative is strongly aligned to our purpose. We're proud to be part of the One Planet programme. 

Find out more about ITZA here 


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