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We started life in 1848 and we’re now the oldest remaining building society in the world

Scottish Building Society has launched a new partnership with digital legacy vault and planning ahead tool, Biscuit Tin, which will be offered free to members for the first 3 months after they sign up. 

We’re as true to our purpose today as the day we were founded. We help the people of Scotland and beyond to buy homes and save for the future by providing uncomplicated financial products, delivered in a reassuring and friendly way.

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Simple, straightforward, and no teaser rates

Whether you're saving for something special or just want somewhere to keep your money safe, we offer a range of savings accounts to help you reach your financial goals.

It’s easy to open a savings account with us, whether it’s online, in branch or by post.

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Instant Access Saver

Our Instant Access Saver account is a simple, straightforward way to save with no strings attached.

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E-Savings Bonds

Our limited edition fixed rate E-Savings Bonds pay a fixed rate of interest for a set period, making them ideal for lump sum deposits.

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There’s no place like home

We offer a range of mortgages to suit different needs and our mortgage advisers are here to help you with the big decisions. Our flexible underwriting means we’ll consider your individual circumstances rather than using a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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Guarantor Mortgage

For people who need a helping hand to get on the property ladder.

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Self Build Mortgages

Building your dream home could become a reality.

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