Background image: We've teamed up with Edinburgh Rugby to Tackle Maths

We've teamed up with Edinburgh Rugby to Tackle Maths

05 May 2023
Written by: Scottish Building Society

Part of our sponsorship with Edinburgh Rugby is centred around community programmes, this includes a new programme: Tackle Maths. The purpose is to improve confidence and show the relevance of maths in everyday life to Primary school children aged  between 8-12 years. The initiative takes maths out of the classroom and into DAM Health Stadium. It moves maths away from being a paper based exercise into more active learning and helps pupils gain practical maths skills by applying it to scenarios the real world and in this case rugby.

To celebrate our 175th Anniversary we're aiming to support 175 school pupils through this programme. Helping others prepare for future financial needs early on is something we're committed to and therefore makes this is a fantastic initiative to support.

Paul Denton, CEO at Scottish Building Society said: “We're passionate about teaching children early the value of maths and financial planning. Initiatives like Tackle Maths help to show youngsters about the practical benefits of having strong maths skills and that learning does not just have to be confined to the classroom.

“Having players out there explaining to the pupils about how they use maths whilst in a game and talking about the difficulty they had with maths at school versus learning through real life examples gives them a pathway to not simply giving up on learning."

Doug Struth, managing director, Edinburgh Rugby said: “Edinburgh Rugby is at its heart a community rugby club and to work in partnership to deliver the Tackle Maths programme demonstrates this commitment.

“We are aiming to get 175 pupils through the programme this year and we on the lookout for schools who would be interested partaking so we encourage any teachers or parents out there who would like to get involved to get in touch. ”

Email if your school is interested in taking part in the Tackle Maths initiate in 2023.


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