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Scottish Building Society is here for its customers

03 Jun 2020
Written by: Scottish Building Society

Scottish Building Society staff are focussing on what they can do rather than what they can’t do for customers. They pulled out all the stops to help a 96-year-old lady confined to a care home who was unable to access money on her passbook.

Normally, we require a physical signature, but in the current lockdown that proved impossible. However, it emerged that her niece’s husband was a Society member. Staff quickly arranged it so that the customer could verify her identity and that she was happy for her relative to make the withdrawal on her behalf.

The money was then safely and securely delivered to the customer at the care home.

In these unprecedented times it is important that we all treat people as individuals. In this case we reached a solution for the customer while ensuring our processes were still compliant.

 Helen Hanlon, Business Operations Manager

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