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Scottish Building Society Carbon Challenge

23 Nov 2021
Written by: Scottish Building Society

Scottish Building Society is proud to support Trees for Life’s pioneering conservation work in the Caledonian Forest. As a corporate citizen we’re committed to reducing the impact our business has on the environment. And our colleagues wanted to show their support for Trees for Life by reducing their carbon footprint – that’s why we set up our Carbon Challenge.

We challenged ourselves throughout in 2021 to see who could reduce their carbon footprint the most by making simple lifestyle changes. Changes such as buying seasonal produce in local independent shops and cycling to work rather than taking the car.

As a thank you to all colleagues who took part, the Society set up its very own grove in the North of Scotland and named it the Scottish Building Society Green House Gasers Grove after the team that were judged to have had the most enthusiasm and best ideas during the challenge.

This little area in the Caledonian Forest has its own dedicated bio diverse area where natural moorland and trees will be developed over the years that will help many native species and wildlife to develop.

Find out more about Trees for Life’s rewilding projects


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