Background image: Scottish Building Society boosts member benefits through strategic partnership with Scottish start-up

Scottish Building Society boosts member benefits through strategic partnership with Scottish start-up

04 May 2022
Written by: Scottish Building Society

Scottish Building Society has launched a new partnership with digital legacy vault and planning ahead tool, Biscuit Tin, which will be offered free to members for the first 3 months after they sign up.  

Launched by entrepreneur Sheila Hogan in 2020, Biscuit Tin provides a simple and stress-free solution to manage important life information all in one place - such as account details, documents, wishes and memories. The information is then released to those nominated when you die. It’s a secure digital vault and safe haven providing you, and your loved ones, with peace of mind and a digital legacy to be proud of. 

Having attracted significant attention since the start of the year thanks to an appearance on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den and securing £330k of investment from external investors, Biscuit Tin will now be offered to new and existing Scottish Building Society members.


Paul Denton, Chief Executive of Scottish Building Society, said:
“Our new partnership with Biscuit Tin is a fantastic milestone for Scottish Building Society. Fundamentally, our ethos is rooted in providing our members with uncomplicated products that help them save money or purchase a home. This aligns with Biscuit Tin’s mission to offer a solution to remove some of the hassle and stress at a difficult time for loved ones.

“As a mutual organisation, we are owned and run for the benefit of our members. This people-first approach is exactly what Sheila has evolved over the last few years and we are very proud to showcase her product to our members and colleagues, who we expect will make great use of the facility, as we all unfortunately, have to deal with death from time to time.

“Given our roots in Scotland dating back to 1848 and now standing as the world’s oldest remaining building society, supporting a Scottish start-up chimes with what we champion and we are looking forward to working with Sheila and the team to help our members.”

Sheila Hogan, founder and CEO of Biscuit Tin, commented: “Biscuit Tin and Scottish Building Society share common values and have an aligned mission - to make life easier during potentially trying times.

“I am delighted this partnership with Scottish Building Society will provide its valued members with the opportunity to plan in advance, in the knowledge that they are taking much of the stress and strain away from their loved ones in the future. Another step towards our goal to make Biscuit Tin a global household brand, in a world where planning ahead for end of life is the norm, and where we all have digital Biscuit Tins containing the digital legacies of our lives to hand down the generations and make a difference.”

To find out more about Biscuit Tin and register, visit:

Biscuit Tin social media: @biscuittinco


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