Background image: Quick tips that could lower your energy bills

Quick tips that could lower your energy bills

07 Mar 2024
Written by: Scottish Building Society

Snugg have put together some ways you could reduce your home’s energy needs.  And you can do many of them for free! 

  • Bleed the radiators - If parts of your radiator feel cold when the heating’s on, there's air in the system. Bleeding a radiator by turning the valve until the trapped air comes out helps the radiator run more efficiently. Place a bucket and cloth underneath when you do it, as it can get messy! 

  • Adjust radiators in each room - You probably use some rooms more than others. So you could save yourself some energy costs by turning down radiators in rooms you don’t spend time in, such as a spare room or dining room. 

  • Adjust washing machine temperature - Washing clothes at a low 30C can clean your clothes just as effectively, and use up to 40% less energy, than at higher temperatures.

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