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Mascot Name Announced

14 Aug 2019
Written by: Scottish Building Society

We are pleased to announce that the new Scottish Building Society Mascot now has a name!

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The Society shortlisted five names that were posted across our social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, to allow our following to get involved and help us decide on what name is best suited for our friendly Highland Terrier Mascot. The names in the running were Alba, Finlay, Hamish, Rabbie and Scottie McDog.

With the help of our followers on our social media channels, it came down to Hamish winning our Mascot Naming Competition. We hope all of you are pleased with the choice made by the public and we would like to welcome our new Mascot. You can keep up to date with what our new Mascot Hamish is up to on our social media channels, as he will continue to show support at SWPL games, charity events and so on.

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