Background image: How the Scottish Building Society Foundation supported the Edinburgh Tool Library

How the Scottish Building Society Foundation supported the Edinburgh Tool Library

17 Apr 2024
Written by: Scottish Building Society

One of the fantastic causes we’ve supported through our Scottish Building Society Foundation is the Edinburgh Tool Library. Working on the same principles as a traditional book library, Edinburgh Tool Library encourages people to share their tools - reducing waste and making access to tools available to everyone in the community.

The funding provided by the Foundation will go towards their 'Cycle Kitchen' project which aims to encourage sustainable transport across Edinburgh. The project gives individuals access to expertise from volunteers, allowing them to maintain their bicycles, reduce waste and enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The grant will help cover the training costs for volunteers to obtain professional cycle mechanic certifications, as well as funding the purchase of workstation tools and training kits.

Additionally, the funding will contribute to employing a project coordinator who will oversee volunteers, assist in course development and training, and organise community events to raise awareness. 


Thomas Bartels, Project Coordinator, Edinburgh Tool Library: "The establishment of the Cycle Kitchen is a direct response to our community's desire to use our bicycle tools, while also expressing frustration with possessing adequate know-how. We found members might often neglect basic maintenance rather than paying for non-terminal repairs which could easily be solved themselves.

"The grant provided by the Scottish Building Society Foundation saved us from having to consider ending the project or dealing with drawn-out timelines and has made it possible to keep this initiative on-track.

“Delivering Cycle Kitchen means that we can support people who want to tackle transport poverty by cycling but are unsure how to keep their bikes on the road. Crucially, for those who are finding public transport or the cost of running a car too expensive, it gives them the opportunity to try a free, and healthy, way of getting from A to B.”


Paul Denton, CEO at Scottish Building Society, said: “Edinburgh Tool Library’s Cycle Kitchen is a fantastic cause and it’s great to see it being supported by the Scottish Building Society Foundation with funding.

“The Scottish Building Society Foundation whilst in its infancy, we hope will make a big difference to many people across the country and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Foundation Scotland to grow the incentive in the years ahead.

“By investing in good causes, we are building stronger communities.”



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