Background image: Find out more about digital legacy vault and planning ahead tool, Biscuit Tin

Find out more about digital legacy vault and planning ahead tool, Biscuit Tin

09 Nov 2022
Written by: Scottish Building Society

Talk Money Week, 7- 11 November, is an opportunity for everyone to get involved with events and activities which help people have more open conversations about their finances. Having conversations about planning ahead is important and can help remove the stress when someone close passes away. 

Earlier this year, we were excited to launch a new partnership with digital legacy vault and planning ahead tool, Biscuit Tin, which is free to our members for the first three months after signing up.

Launched by entrepreneur Sheila Hogan in 2020, Biscuit Tin provides a simple and stress-free solution to the management of all important life information, such as account details, documents, wishes and memories, all in one place, which is then released to those nominated when you die. It's a secure digital vault and safe haven providing you, and your loved ones, with peace of mind and a digital legacy to be proud of.


We spoke with one of the very first Biscuit Tin users

Will Townsend, a mortgage adviser with a similar story to Sheila’s. Following the death of his grandmother, Will stepped in to help his grandfather sort out their financial affairs.

This involved Will travelling weekly from Edinburgh to Ayr to go through what he describes as ‘a large suitcase’ of financial, legal and personal documents. Will told us why he’s such a fan of Biscuit Tin:

“I was tearing my hair out with all the travelling, trying to run my business and look after my Grandad, it was an incredibly stressful time.”

“The reason I think Biscuit Tin is so brilliant is that it takes away all the fuss and all the stress. Now I have a Biscuit Tin, my family will never have to go through that.”

“My wife is my Nominee, so she can get access to everything she needs when I die.”

“I recommend Biscuit Tin to every single one of my clients as well as the insurers I work with too. I tell them all to sign up because Biscuit Tin dovetails so well with people’s insurance policies, wills, everything. It’s fantastic.”

As well as making life easier for those you leave behind, creating your Biscuit Tin also means that you’ll never lose any of your important information again. Everything will be all in one place and to hand, whenever you need it giving you complete peace of mind, today.

“The main thing is just to get started and soon you’ll be on a roll! Spending a little time getting organised is a small price to pay and a worthwhile investment in return for such enormous savings on time, stress and frustration for you and your loved ones.”

Visit to claim 3 months of premium Biscuit Tin for free.

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