Building your dream home can be a reality with our Self Build Mortgage.

Scottish Building Society offers mortgages for people looking to build their own home in Scotland and we can provide advice on all aspects of Self Build Mortgage. Our Self Build Mortgage may also be suitable if you are renovating or extending your existing property.

5 great reasons to choose Scottish Building Society as your Self Build Mortgage lender

Helps to overcome cash flow problems
Staged funding arrangements to meet your requirements
Expert assistance and flexible underwriting
No bridging loan required
Payments are released in arrears

Key features of our Self Build Mortgages:

The minimum loan size is £30,000 and the maximum is £400,000
Competitive interest rates
Local in-branch mortgage specialists
Quick lending decisions
An experienced mortgage provider, with a name you can trust

Suitable for:

People looking to build their own residential property in Scotland. Properties may be constructed by either:

  • A single build on a fixed price contract, or
  • on an all trades basis under direction of a suitable qualified project manager

Release of funds: 

For a Self Build Mortgage in Scotland, funds are released in stages after each section of work is complete. The list below is a typical example of how this might happen but we can be flexible, depending on the type of build and your circumstances:

  • Purchase of land (when full planning permission is in place)
  • Foundations laid
  • Up to eaves level
  • Wind and watertight and roof tiled
  • Interior walls complete (plastered out)
  • Ready to move in

Each tranche of funds is released when confirmation is received from our Valuer that the stage has been completed to a satisfactory standard. If the construction is being supervised by an architect then they will also have to issue an interim certificate. The property build must be carried out by a builder registered with the National House Building Council (NHBC). Alternatively, the build must be covered by NHBC Solo or you must employ an architect or RICS qualified surveyor with professional indemnity insurance to supervise the build. Please contact our experienced mortgage advisers for full details.

Maximum Loan:

We will ultimately lend up to 80% with a maximum of 60% for the initial release based on the land alone. The value of the land, if already owned and debt free, may be included in the borrower's contribution.


Applicants must be at least 18 years old on application and normally not more than 85 at end of mortgage term. Minimum mortgage term is 5 years and maximum term is 40 years.

How much can I borrow?

All mortgage applications are based on affordability. As a guide we will lend up to:

  • Main income x 4.5, PLUS second income x 1 OR
  • Joint income x 3.5

Any existing financial commitments will also be taken into consideration when affordability is calculated.

Interest Rate Options:

We have a range of competitive interest rate options which you can choose from.


Capital and Interest.


A first charge will be taken over the land and property being built as security for the mortgage lending.

Flexible Features:

When the build is complete and on production of the Completion Certificate we will allow a switch to a standard residential product available at that time. The early repayment charge will not apply. The new product may have early repayment conditions attached. Where Early Repayment Charges apply to any of our mortgages you may be allowed to make overpayments (normally up to 10% of the loan amount per annum) without penalty.


You must ensure specialist self build insurance is in place prior to commencement of the project.


Find out more...

For full details of all interest rate options currently available please see our interest rate information pages. Our specialist Mortgage advisers can guide you through the application process and help make everything as smooth as possible.

*Please note, we only lend on properties in Scotland*





How much can I borrow?

A mortgage is a big financial commitment. As a responsible lender, we think carefully about the amount you can borrow and the mortgage terms that will work best for you.

We will carry out an assessment of your net income and outgoings to make sure the mortgage is affordable.

The first instalment can be made available when you purchase the land and can be up to 60% of the plot value or purchase price – whichever is lower. You then have the flexibility to negotiate instalments during the construction period, providing the outstanding loan is not more than 80% of the current valuation.

How are funds released?

For a Self-Build Mortgage, funds are released in stages after each section of work is completed. The list below is a typical example of how this might happen, but we can be flexible depending on the type of build and your circumstances.

  • Purchase of land (when full planning permission is in place)
  • Foundations laid
  • Up to eaves level
  • Wind and watertight and roof tiled
  • Interior walls completed (plastered out)
  • Ready to move in

Anything else I need to think about?

It’s essential you get specialist self-build insurance if you intend to build a new home, or renovate or convert a property intended for occupation on completion.


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