Assisted House Purchase Schemes

The Society recognises that home ownership is often only achievable to some borrowers on low and moderate incomes through their participation in certain assisted house purchase schemes. The Society currently participates in the following schemes:

  1. Scottish Government ‘LIFT’ (Low-cost Initiative for First-Time Buyers) Scheme, which is a shared equity scheme, split into the following categories:
    • The New Supply Shared Equity Scheme (NSSE), which allows first-time buyers to buy a new build property from a housing association or from a private house builder
    • The Open Market Shared Equity Scheme (OMSE), to allow first-time buyers to purchase a property on the open market in areas where affordability is a key problem for buyers.
  2. Forces Help to Buy Scheme (FHTB), to encourage and support home ownership for armed forces personnel.

Maximum Loan to Value & Scheme Details

In each of these schemes, the Society obtains a first standard security over the mortgaged property, with a second charge granted in favour of the provider/s of the additional finance under the ‘LIFT’ Scheme.

The following table summarises the maximum LTV the Society will lend under each scheme, together with details of the contribution required from the borrower, and the term over which the equity loan (if applicable) is repaid:


Equity Loan

Borrower Contribution



20% to 40% of the full purchase price – repayable from the sale proceeds when the house is sold

2.5% of discounted purchase price

97.5% of the discounted purchase price if this does not exceed 80% of the open market value of the property


20% to 40% of the full purchase price – repayable from the sale proceeds when the house is sold

2.5% of discounted purchase price

Same as for NSEE

FHTB (Forces Help to Buy)

Maximum £25,000 or 50% of annual salary whichever is the lower, repaid over a period of no more than 10 years commencing a maximum of 6 months after the advance being made.

Minimum 5%


Supporting Documentation

The following supporting documentation is required for each application:

  • Full details from the Local Authority (where applicable) regarding the scheme within which the applicant wishes to participate;
  • Personal Information Note from MOD for FHTB containing key information surrounding the loan, to assist with assessment of mortgage application.
  • Affordability assessment under FHTB to include allowance for monthly repayment of FHTB loan and also ‘benefit in kind’.


*We may consider Guarantor Applications through these schemes.*



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