Take the first step towards tax-free savings for your child with our Junior ISA Saving Account

Wherever your children are heading, you can get them off to a great start by opening a Junior ISA. It gives you the opportunity to make the most of tax-free savings and put away up to £4,368 for each child, each year.

Tax free. A brighter way to save.

You can open a Junior ISA Saving Account with any amount, starting from just £1. And because each and every £1 you put into your child's ISA earns tax-free interest, it can quickly add up.

Junior ISAs are tax-free savings accounts for children aged under 18 who don't have a Child Trust Fund. It gives you a simple and affordable way to save for your child's future. And other people can save into your child's Junior Cash ISA too. So it's a chance for grandparents, relatives and friends to help boost your child's savings - as long as total payments into the Junior ISA in each tax year don't exceed the annual limit, currently £4,368.

The funds can't be withdrawn from the account until your child's 18th birthday. Then, the Junior ISA Saving Account becomes an adult ISA - and your child can withdraw the money and close the account, or continue to save with their adult ISA.

5 great reasons to choose our Junior ISA

Tax-free savings- no tax to pay on the interest that's earned
Easy to start- you can open an account from just £1
Easy to save- deposit a lump sum, or make regular payments
A great interest rate- check our Savings Interest Rates
A safe and secure home for your child's savings

Ready to apply?

Completed applications can be returned to any branch or agency office, along with proof of your identity and initial deposit.


Alternatively, you can post your application and necessary documentation to:

Scottish Building Society

SBS House

193 Dalry Road


EH11 2EF



Who is eligible for a Junior ISA with the Scottish?

All children under 18 are eligible for a Junior ISA if:

  • they were born on or after 3 January 2011 or do not have a Child Trust Fund, and
  • they are resident in the UK, or are a dependant of a UK Crown servant (or are themselves a Crown servant, married to or in a civil partnership with a Crown servant)

Why is there an annual limit to how much I can save in the Junior ISA?

The Government sets the limits on how much can be saved in each tax year for both adult ISAs and Junior ISAs.

For further information on the maximum amount you can deposit each tax year (between 6 April in one year and 5 April the following year) in cash, stocks and shares or any combination of the two in an ISA, please visit www.gov.uk/junior-individual- savings-accounts

Can I have more than one Junior ISA?

Each child can only hold one Cash Junior ISA and one Stocks and Shares Junior ISA at any time.

At the Scottish, we offer a Cash Junior ISA.

Can withdrawals be made from a Junior ISA?

Any money that is paid into the account belongs to the child, and cannot be withdrawn until the child’s 18th birthday (except in circumstances of death or terminal illness).

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