Wills & Estate Planning


The Scottish Building Society has teamed up with Aberdein Considine to encourage members to make a Will.

Writing a Will can ensure your family is protected - but it is one of those things that people tend to put off till tomorrow - unfortunately in some cases, tomorrow is often too late.

With family structures being more complicated and many couples living together without necessarily getting married, it is surprising just how many people do not realise that they are in a vulnerable position should a spouse or partner die.

It is important to have a Will written by a Solicitor rather than a Will writing company who have no regulatory body of compensation fund should you suffer a loss. We are delighted to work with Aberdein Considine, a reputable and professional firm of solicitors to offer our members help in writing their Will.

Power of Attorney

Until recently the focus has always been to advise clients that they should make a Will. However, we are now recommending to all our clients that they consider granting a Power of Attorney as we strongly believe that it is in their best interests to consider doing so. It provides the security of knowing that your affairs can be dealt with by someone you trust in times of accident or illness and it provides the comfort of knowing that your welfare needs will be met in the way you wish when you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself.

For more information regarding granting a Power of Attorney please click here.

Will Review

Do you require your Will to be reviewed? Aberdein Considine offer an excellent Will Review service. For further details please contact Aberdein Considine on 0141 227 8200.

Reasons to have a will....

  1. Ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes.
  2. Choose who your executor (s) will be to handle the winding up of your estate.
  3. Prevent legal problems arising after your death.
  4. Choose who will be responsible for the care your children.
  5. Provide for your children financially.
  6. To provide for your partner if you are not married or in a civil partnership.
  7. Ensure that family heirlooms remain within the family.
  8. Help your favourite cause, through a tax-free donation to charity.
  9. Leave gifts to friends and family.
  10. Set out wishes regarding your funeral.
  11. Protect any business interests.
  12. Minimise inheritance tax payable.

For further information regarding writing a Will please click here.

How to find out more

Please call Aberdein Considine on 0141 227 8200.

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